Thursday, October 30, 2008

Haunted House on Highway 395

Another house I took photos of three weeks ago. Now those oak tree are probably a blaze of sunset colors of orange and gold but it's about a 25 minute drive out of town and at the price of gas, I'm not gonna be back out that way so I guess we'll just have to imagine it. As it is, I've wanted to photograph this house for fourteen years and just finally got around to it this year. It's on the same highway as the shoe tree and I often see people pulled off at both the tree and this house to take photographs.

A woodpecker helping to weather the wood.

A thin slice of blue.

Is that the wind moaning? Or the old stump howling?

I wonder what that odd silhouette shape is against the light of the back window?

From little acorns....

Some day, the earth will swallow up the house and it will be gone.


Blogger JulieZS said...

Eerie, very eerie. Abandoned old weathering houses are automatically spooky. Great pictures!

10:09 AM  

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