Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy Wings

Life has been very very busy. Mostly all in a good way. Lots of work getting done. Garden busy growing (including the weeds, which means lots of weeding to do too!) Lots of family coming and going and coming again - a busymaking but lovely thing. All this to say, it's tough to find blogging time. Why does the idea of summer being a lazy hazy time persist so determinedly in my brain in the face of so much evidence that it is not!?

Lots of photos (although I've been sort of off my usual snapping everything in sight mode) have been queueing up to be posted here. These are from last week and I'm using them to say "We've been busy little faeries, flying from project to project these days!"

The grandkids wanted to try on their wings for Faerieworlds. This will be their first year attending, I'm so excited they will be experiencing it! Garrett is such a little comedian, always has a schtick. Joshua and Nonny are waiting more patiently, not sure what to do.

Fly, of course. Here they are practicing. "Can we really fly?" Joshua asks. Oooh, tricky question. Don't want to ruin the fun but don't want them attempting to jump off something either!

Now that's the idea. Faeries flying all over the yard!

Look at the rosy cheeks of an Anastasia Fae! (Her name is really Anastasia Faye!)

Benjamin the baby fae slept through the wing practice. There's nothing like holding a sleeping (and heavy) baby to relax the spirit. I didn't notice when Hubby took this photo - check out Rosie in the background looking all sad and misplaced.

Well, speaking of wings, I've gotta fly. Lots to do and not enough time left to do it all in. I could sure use some magic faery dust to help me get everything done on time. (Gee, I hope that isn't a street term for some illegal substance!) Company arriving in three days. Mucho cleaning and organizing still left. Errands and evening appointment are gonna take a chunk outa today. Harry Potter premiere tonight. (gotta have priorities!) Book club tomorrow. Haven't read the book yet. Haven't even started the EIGHT outfits I have to design for Faerieworlds yet. Weeds keep growing. And so on and so on ad infinitum.


Anonymous shari said...

love the little fairies!! we must teach them to fly... with their imaginations! faerieworlds sounds like so much fun!! it gets my "dressing up" juices flowing, just looking at the pics...

10:02 AM  

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