Monday, December 14, 2009

Snow, Stroll, Storm, Stomp, Shiver, Season

We had ourselves quite a snowstorm a couple of days ago. Of course I thought it was a perfect occasion to catch up on my walking. That last comment is only partially tongue in cheek, it actually was a good time to catch up on my walking as the below zero temps that hung around for the better part of last week were far less do-able. So lots of clothing layers, cell phone (so I could call Hubby when I got cold and wanted a ride), and my camera - off we go.

Anyone for a game of snowball?

Not sure how this empty, nonheated house managed to grow icicles, but they were pretty under the brightly colored eaves.

Nature's ornaments. Crisp (really, really, really crisp!) apples.

More of nature's ornaments. This is a case of "any port in a storm" as it was certainly not "birds of a feather flock together". In a larger image you can see nuthatches, chicadees, sparrows, a blue jay, and quail. Probably other birds I don't recognize.

Close up of the quail in his jaunty headdress.

Fluff up those feathers - brrrrr.

I'm guessing this couple is having a conversation. He's caught responding to her last comment "I told you to put up the Christmas lights BEFORE the snow arrived."

This young sledder was taking a break at the top of the hill down by the rail road canyon.

I walk by this tree a lot and never realized it had such unique branches until they were cloaked in snow.

The river was almost completely frozen over.

Little duck prints connect the open pools.

When I leaned over the bridge I startled the ducks who took off down river to a more secluded pool.

It was snowy but I was still toasty warm.

A lone straggler.

Frozen little bobbles.

Here's that mailbox again. You can see how the green stands out better in this light.

Another frozen apple, close up.

Chip and dip?

I'm totally noticing mailboxes everywhere I go these days. I'm sure there's some psychological signifigance although I don't know what it is. You can see why I couldn't pass up photographing this bright bearer of news.

Another bright spot of red in the winter white.

It was at this point, about two miles out, the snow started to come down so hard I kept turning into a wandering snowman. I was still warm, cept for my cheeks and nose. Which I bet was also a bright spot of red in the winter white. But I couldn't cover it up with my scarf because then my glasses would steam over. Vision or warmth - tough choice but being able to see where I was going won out in the end.

Sun set but there was still a lot of reflective light. The mountains were hidden by the storm but you can still make out the closest foothill.

One of our neighbors has a house full of cute kids (one of them is staring at me as I snap the photo, the other is yelling in to her parents that "Someone is taking a picture of the house again!" and a voice inside yelled "You're letting all the heat out! Shut the door!" LOL). I love how they went all out decorating their home. I'm sure they did it for their children, not for me, but I still appreciate it - thank you kind neighbor!

And here's my contribution to the neighborhood holiday display. A grinning pumpkin welcome. And snow! Snow is a traditional holiday decoration. I made sure to have EXTRA snow fall on my sidewalk. That's me, I go the extra yard to make things jolly.


Blogger mermaiden said...

made my hands cold, but lovely nonetheless! looking forward to seeing some snow this year on february break :D

12:38 PM  
Blogger shari said...

oh yes, that was a delicious snowfall!!! we got it up here in northwest washington, too. it's so much fun when it snows... white and still and glistening... like a mini vacation to somewhere else. our snow rained itself away a few days later... enjoyed your walk with you!

2:22 PM  

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