Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful Scenic Oregon

While picking through a box of books at the thrift store recently, I found one of those travel guides full of glossy, slightly out-of-date photos. I read the the cover to myself out loud - "Beautiful Oregon". A man standing on the other side of the box looked up and said "Scenic Oregon". I turned the book around to see he was reading a large caption on the back of the book. Simultaneously we said "Beautiful Scenic Oregon". Oregon is indeed both those adjectives.

I was up in Oregon over the last weekend plus. I had a couple of reasons for the trip but before I mention one of them, I'll just let the photos I took speak, for the most part, for themselves.

Pull out the batting and drag it along the hilltops where it snags in the tree tops.

A tree top penthouse.

Nature leaves random sculptures about the forest.

A downed snag or the skeletal rib cage of a fallen giant?

Water falling from the sky, water leaping up from the sea.

Clouds caught in a tidepool.

Thirteen birds on a wire.

A lone raven. Or crow. Sometimes I find it hard to tell which is which without a size reference.

If you want more ravens, and other amazing creatures, hop like a raven over to Laume's Studio and check out the beginnings of the totems created by some amazing artists during a retreat I attended over the weekend.


Blogger Belita Rose said...

The one of the water and the rain is probably my favorite. Makes me miss my family. Everyone is gathered there for a funeral this weekend. It is all very sad.

9:43 AM  

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