Saturday, January 15, 2011


We have our British faery daughter here for a visit and since we're both preparing for the midwinter ball, a trip to our favorite vintage clothing store was in order.  I thought I'd take some photos to show you why we have so much fun shopping there (above being able to get great vintage clothing and collectibles, that is)!


Have you ever seen such a huge broken heart?  (See the doorway on the far right, for comparison?


Victoria found a great leather coat.  Actually, I found the coat.  Yay me!


Folks really enjoy hanging out there.  Uhm, sometimes maybe too long?  Hi Mr. Skeleton Man.


Another fun montage.


Great wall art.  Wish I could take a photo of all of it but I didn't want to be totally obnoxious with my camera.


Even inside the oversized dressing rooms, it's entertaining decor.


I've always wanted to do this to a chair.  I haven't gotten around to it but obviously they're more industrious at the store.


Inside another dressing room and more wall art.


Jeff shopped just long enough to find the cool patchwork hat on his head and then he rested and acted as my personal stash holder.


Inside yet another dressing room.  The camisole and skirt in this ensemble came home in my shopping bag.


In case you needed an opinion on how something looked on you, there's a whole audience willing to tell you "It looks fabulous dahling!  It's so you!  You look gorgeous!" and of course they wouldn't lie to you.  (In actuality, the living, breathing staff are really lovely people and they're very good at giving you advice and thumbs up or down on what you try on.)


More shoppers that stayed a wee bit too long.  Nah, there are resident skellies by the dozen, most of them living in their own personal chandeliers, and even stacks of extra parts in case they're "in need of a hand" or "a foot up". 


Shopped 'til we dropped.  Onto the settee.  Where we struck a regal pose.  Because.... uhm.... because we felt like it.

We each came home with a bag of goodies and only a teensy dent in our pocket books.  That's it!  That's why we look regal.  Because we are the QUEENS of Vintage Shopping.  Bow before our wonderfulness.

Go here and click on the television to see their fun commercial.


Blogger mermaiden said...

that is the most incredible shop!!! what a grand day for you.

11:26 AM  
Blogger hawk said...

holy crap what a great shop!!Love the painitngs!!

12:48 PM  

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