Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wandering Through Redwood Country

I'm relaxed, tuckered out in a happy way, so I'm not gonna work too hard to make this post witty.  Just gonna share some of the most interesting photos from a fun day driving up Highway 101.


Look at the beautiful shadow world inside the pond.


Rocks trying to be a tree.


A tree spirit emerges.


And another one!


Gandolf and a Hobbit house.


This one takes a bit more explanation.  There were these really oddly creepy but cute rabbits in the window of a real estate office.  There were quite a few of them but I couldn't really get a photo because of all the daytime reflections.  You can just barely make out a few of them.


I like how it looks like Victoria is throwing out a "shadow" of light.


A floating fae or a ball of light?  Or do I repeat myself?


Beautiful colors and shapes.


Several faces clinging to the side of a redwood.


"Not all who wander are lost."  Some people (including tree people) grow straight toward their goal and others spend time taking a creative wandering path. 


Nature's lace.


Three caballeros.


A forest gnome pays homage before a redwood giant.  Or.....


The Pink Lady - Eureka, CA.  If you've ever been to this location, you'll appreciate this next bit.  I'm driving down the street and Victoria is pointing at the Pink Lady and saying "Oooh, look at that Victorian! It's so detailed.  So amazing!" And I point across the street and say "Yeah, but not as amazing as that one."  She turned her head and GASPED "OHMYGAWD!!!!"  It was really funny.  Don't know what I'm taking about?  Go here.


Who's a night owl?  Whoooo?  Whooooooo?

colored glass 

I wanna eat off a rainbow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK... from that last photo I surmise that you were in (or near) Arcata at Plaza Design? You were moments from my school and home. I wish I'd known and dashed down to say Hi over some tea. :(

7:42 AM  
Blogger Laume said...

Yes, we were in Arcata area for a day and a half. Who are you, oh Anonymous one?

10:30 AM  

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