Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Do not read this post

Yeah, right. Like anyone listens to me. See! You aren't! You're reading this post, aren't you!

Never mind my ranting, I was just trying to save you the trouble of reading something that's nothing but a big ol' fat PMS whine. I'm annoyed at everything and everyone today, including you, and if you ask me why, like, what did YOU do to deserve my wrath anyway, I won't be able to tell you. Let's just accept it's your fault. Or my hubby's fault. Or George W's fault. Or Beanie and Cecil's fault. Or WHATEVER. And then let's move on.

So, my house is still all torn apart in the big kitchen re-arrange. Hubby was finally home long enough today to notice that there was no food to eat in the house. Or rather, no food that could be simply placed in one's mouth without any preparation involved. Heaven forbid I should expect my family to use a knife or blender or frying pan or anything difficult like that.

William is going to football practice very day, which means he has no reserves left over to be pleasant. Don't ask him to do anything too strenous - like take out the compost or put his own dish in the sink. In a wierd twist involving adolescent quantum energy, he does have enough energy to COMPLAIN about being asked to take out the compost or put his own dish in the sink. In fact he can easily expend ten times the energy complaining about those tasks then it would take him to just DO them.

On a positive note, tomorrow we leave for the one and only vacation I wanted and planned to take this year. To San Francisco to see the play Wicked and to visit friends. The only thing is that it requires me spending most of the rest of the day getting ready for the trip, there are two long days of driving involved, with the one good vacation day sandwiched inbetween, and I'm worried about leaving my puppy in the care of others. So I'm not relaxed or happy or looking forward to the trip yet. (About now you're probably commenting to yourself that this paragraph isn't really "on a positive note" as I prefaced.) I'm hoping that whole "out of sight, out of mind" thing will kick in and I'll have a good time when I actually get to San Francisco.

Hey, I just noticed - it's cloudy out. With the 100 degree temps we've been dealing with all summer, THAT's something to be cheerful about!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know if you tell me not to do something, I'm sure to do it. So, yes, I did read your post. Ha! :-D I know what you mean about not wanting to leave animals when you go away-it's always worrying. I'm sure everything will be fine, though.

8:58 PM  

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