Friday, September 23, 2005

Posting just to be posting

Is the purpose of a blog to write every day, even if you don't know what you're gonna say? Like a writing journal, where you just start writing, doesn't matter about what, and then it's "exercise" for the brain? Or is it more important to write only if you have something witty or important to say? Does it matter? Does it depend on who you're writing for and who your audience is? is it important to be important?

Okay, enough warm up. So, what can I say about today.

It was chilly outside. Feels like autumn.

It was a "keep busy and don't think too much" kinda day since I had a dear friend in for a very serious medical test today and my thoughts were with her when I did manage to have a complete one. Thought, that is.

Later in the day I finally decided to shuck off any sense of responsibility or productivity and just go relax somewhere. William allowed me to take him out to dinner. We sat across from each other and tried to come up with something we both wanted to talk about. He didn't want to talk about reading. He didn't want to talk about the storm clouds rolling up and over the lower mountains at the top of town (visible in the window in the back of the restaurant from the booth we were sitting in). He didn't want to talk about pirate shirts or whether skulls were pirate specific or not. Eventually we fell back on something he's always more then willing to talk about - football. Good thing I actually LIKE football.

Then we went to see Corpse Bride. It was really cute. Definitely worth seeing. I do have a couple criticisms. I don't think they're really specific enough to be spoilers (and I hate spoilers, so I'm very particular about that sort of thing) so, if you don't want to hear ANYTHING about the movie, close your eyes and put your hands over your ears and say "NANANANANANA!" really loudly while you read the next paragraph. But really, I think you'll be okay.

I didn't know it was a "musical". Although, was it? They had a few songs. They were nice. But nothing I could even remember well enough to catch in my brain even minutes after leaving the theatre. Too, they used bits and pieces of melody from Nightmare Before Christmas. Just once or maybe twice, slipping a tiny stream of that music in would have been clever. But all in all I wish they'd made more effort to do something brand new and memorable with the soundtrack. The "claymation" or whatever it's called - was fun to watch BUT, there were a few things I wish they could have done differently. The hair on all the characters was stiff and playdough-like. I thought the corpse bride in particular would have looked more corpse-like if her hair had been dry and flyaway. Just little things like that. Maybe I've just become so used to special effects being able to do anything, so I expect everything to be possible.

Despite those small criticisms, I still liked it a lot. The plot rolled along nicely and was enjoyable. The main characters were all sympathetic and fun. I got a bit misty eyed a few times but hey, I'm just sorta prone to that sort of goofy thing, maybe it won't hit you the same way. And I really loved the ending. I have a feeling it's one of those movies I'll like even more the next time I see it, because there was just so much going on visibly the first time that I couldn't catch it all.

OH! Speaking of special effects and movies - we saw the preview for the next Harry Potter movie. WOW! I'm sooooo excited. It looks fantastic - again more the darker look like the last one. And the "kids" are growing up so much with each new movie. November 18 I think. That's only two months. I can be patient. I think.

Last but definitely not least, I talked with my friend tonight, her medical tests are over and although she doesn't have the results back yet, the comments from the medical personnel were positive and she felt better then she did going into it. At least that's a small something to be thankful for.

Tomorrow is another long day - football. I enjoy the football games but not the long out-of-town drives for the away games. This one will be the farthest away yet. I think now that the weather has turned cool enough, we'll take Rosie with and leave her in the car during the game. She'll be happier then being left home alone for an entire day.

I guess I'll go flop on the couch for a few minutes and flip channels to watch the hurricane Rita coverage. William was talking about it when we got home from the movie and he started to say "In the last episode..." and then stopped. He meant, of course, in the last hurricane coverage - of hurricane Katrina. It's interesting how it becomes "television" when you watch it long enough. Perhaps one reaches a saturation point and then you just start to become numb. It's too hard to maintain such an intense sense of it when you are far away and helpless to do anything to stop it. Particularly when it just keeps coming day after day after day, the news has been as relentless as the storms. Not sure what that all means, just throwing out random thoughts.


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