Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm getting up now

Yep. Any minute now. I'm gonna drop this puppy on her tiny white paws, stop stuffing my mouth full of candy corn, and get up. Off this chair. Stop typing. Yessirree. I can feel the enthusiasm building. I'm gonna stand up and walk towards the first pile I see and start dismantling it. Here I go. Upsie..............................

So, maybe I'll sit here just a few more minutes while that thought gets from my brain to my butt. Or does it need to get all the way to my feet in order to get me to stand first? Maybe it's an all body sort of movement - planting my feet, swinging my arms back, pulling my shoulders foreward to maintain a balanced center, pushing up from my calves.... oh dear, this might take awhile.

In the meantime, I'll just chat with you a bit.

Rosie thinks she NEEDS to accompany any computer time I have. It's not hard to read with her draped over me, but it makes responding to anything challenging. Just a second ago William and his buddy James came through the front door and Rosie felt obligated to get up, stretch, wag her tail. She was all prepared to jump down and greet her boy, as a doggie is required to do when family members return (whether one is returning from a two day trip out of town or a two minute trip to the garbage can in the driveway and back), but the boys were chatting and completely ignored her as they walked past on their way to the bedroom where they shut the door behind them. So Rosie figured, oh well, too slow that time, and settled back on my chest, neck and head hanging over the crook of my left elbow. It makes typing feel more like weight training with those little weighted pads you velcro to your appendages.

It's hard to stop eating candy corn.

I spent most of the morning watching the news on television about Hurricane Katrina. It's compelling to watch, especially for a self proclaimed weather junkie like myself. Of course that's easy to say from my sunny little corner of the world. In real life I rather think "compelling" wouldn't be the first adjective to come to mind. "Exciting" perhaps. "Terrifying" might work nicely.

I"m getting a sugar headache. All that candy corn.

I got so much done yesterday. I had such high hopes for this afternoon. There's still afternoon left, but not much. Jeff is working this evening, so if I can get started, I don't have to stop to make a real dinner or engage in loving marital banter or anything domestic like that. If I could only START.

Maybe if I add a frappuccino - caffeine AND sugar. And music! Yes. I think I've got some sort of ethnic drumming cassette somewhere that might be energizing. Or maybe something cheerful that I know all the words to - like Once More With Feeling, the Buffy musical. Only two and a half more cleaning days until Joe and Lisa. ACK! Okay, that might have done it. I feel my feet moving.

I'm outta here.

Someone come and hide this d*mn bag of candy corn from me!


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