Thursday, August 18, 2005

Deb's Fault

My friend Deb has a great blog (which should be on my list of links, but somehow it disappeared) and yesterday she posted this series of lists. I should be cleaning or sewing or doing something else useful, but nooooo, because of Deb, I'm going to pop open a Frappacinno, pour it over ice, sip it, and write my own series of lists. For your entertainment, or perhaps simply to help you pass a boring afternoon:

TEN Things I liked as a teenager, but don't like now:

1. high school
2. hamburgers
3. amusement parks
4. writing long self absorbed diary entries (now I like to write long self absorbed blog entries - there's a difference!)
5. hip hugger pants (although, to be honest, it's not that I don't like them, I just don't like the way they look on ME anymore)
6. make-up, bras, nylons, high heels - anything uncomfortable or binding really
7. waterskiing
8. having crushes on real people (now I stick to fantasy crushes, like Johnny Depp, or Jon Stewart, who I just realized last night is really cute as well as incredibly smart and witty)
9. milk
10. suntans

TEN Things I didn't like as a teenager, but do like now:

1. wine
2. yogurt
3. wearing black
4. computers (yes, I know, they didn't HAVE PC's when I was a teen - but if my friend Deb can include it on her list, so can I)
5. coffee
6. watermelon
7. children
8. staying home on a Friday or Saturday night
9. all things English, Irish, Celtic...
10. reading fantasy fiction

TEN Things I've never liked and probably never will:

1. stupid or bigoted people
2. cookie cutter suburban neighborhoods
3. gated communities
4. the idea of joining the military
5. shots or having blood drawn
6.tattoos (for me anyway)
7. dentists
8. sleeping with the windows closed
9. polyester clothes
10. having to stick to the rules, follow the directions, or stay with the itinerary

TEN Things I've always liked and probably always will:

1. being a nightowl
2. reading and writing
3.county fairs
4. puzzles
5. dancing
6. Halloween
7. cats
8. the sound of rain and wind outside when I'm warm and snug inside
9. traveling
10. being silly and laughing as much as I can


Blogger kristen said...

in my defense....when we went into contract on our house (which, yeah, is cookie cutterish), we didn't KNOW it was going to be gated. it's very WEIRD that it's going to be gated and we don't know WHY it's going to be gated.....will you still be my friend?
*kiss kiss*

9:16 PM  

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