Wednesday, September 28, 2005


It's Wednesday. Not terribly newsworthy, since Wednesday repeats itself every seven days. But there ya go. What's memorable about it to me is that it's a "weekend" for my hubby, his days off now being Tuesday and Wednesday, although I can't really make much sense out of his new schedule yet, because there's still the standard Saturday/Sunday weekend that most of the rest of the world uses to deal with. Plus, hubby's got all this overtime and conversely, odd days he's taken off, so I really don't know from one day to the next what sort of routine we'll be attempting. If it wasn't for the new fall line-up of television shows and William's football practice and games to factor in, I might be tempted to just float off into my own little world.

With no segue whatsoever, I'm really itching to get my Halloween decorations out now. Problem is, my house still needs to be decluttered and cleaned up enough to find room t o decorate. That, and I have a huge line up of sewing projects with deadlines that I'm working on. I'm feeling lots of stress over them. My only excuse for signing up for them - it seemed like a good idea at the time. Sigh.

But, no pain, no gain, right? I might be more productive if I worked on one at a time, from start to finish. But my brain apparently can't handle that level of organization or calm, so I'm working on three or five or seven at a time, and that's just the sewing. Then there's two knitting projects, a teensy doll project, and that's just the stuff I've actually got started. We won't mention all the stuff waiting to be started. The problem with working on three or five or seven, it spreads out and fills all the flat spaces in my studio, making it hard to do anything without the risk of accidentally sewing project A onto the back of project B, or rotary cutting through the leaf for project C while trying to cut out the snake for project A. Not that I have. Knock on wood. But it adds a level of risk that permeates the sewing room. Maybe I just go in for X-treme Sewing. No ordinary sewing for this hotdogger!

Okay, switching subjects again. Charlie just climbed up in my lap. A big ol' orange kitty, purring at the top of his lungs or purr organs or wherever the sound comes from. I once heard that scientists don't know where a cat's purr comes from - I doubt that's more then a urban legend, but it's kinda a nice one.

Speaking of urban legends, is anyone else watching Supernatural? That's quite the scary show! Didn't think I'd like it after the premiere, but we're all hooked. This week's episode was extra fun, they had FRED on as a guest character. I miss Fred. And if you don't know who Fred is, then nevermind.

I'm still without photo capacity here, as you can see. Sigh. When I find some spare time, hahahahaha, I'm gonna try to set up my new laptop to be able to plug it into my cable internet and maybe I can upload photos to this blog from THAT computer. I mean, it's brand new, hasn't had a chance to develop any strange quirks or idiosyncracies yet. It SHOULD work. Of course, I also have to figure out how to get my photos over to that computer. Hmmmm..... this may not be happening any time soon.

The only thing about big furry cats who climb in ones lap, they make one feel sleepy. Oops, nevermind. He jumped down to see who was opening the front door. The dang microwave keeps beeping at me. Dammit, who left their....

oh, I think it was me. My coffee.



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