Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Football is now completely over for the season

We went to William's football banquet the night before last. It was nice, as far as kid's sports gatherings go. The families were nice. The food was good for a potluck. I slaved all day over my contribution. Hahahaha. Who am I kidding. I went and bought a bucket of honey barbeque wings at KFC. It was a win/win decision. No work, and the kids scarfed them up in a few minutes. Everyone happy. And there was enough chocolate in the desserts to stop a herd of stampeding, hormonally-crazed women.

But, what was really nice about the gathering was to watch William be immediately surrounded by a crowd of buddies. To see the coaches greet him with a friendly punch to the shoulder or ruffle of the hair. It's nice to know that one's child is socially happy and well liked (not that I was concerned that he wasn't, it's just nice to bask in the knowledge specifically from time to time.) It was fun to sit back and just enjoy the crowd of young teens jostling and bumping around, at that wonderful pack-of-puppies stage they go through without it happening in one's own home, where my usual response is to say "No wrestling in the house!!!".

I forgot to bring my camera, alas, but William came home and immediately made a football shrine with his jersey and the giant trophy that he was given, surrounded by numerous trophies from sports years past. His team came in second in their league, undefeated except for the one team that beat everyone by a gazillion points because it was really made up of teenage yetis, disguised as human boys by frequent shaving. It was a big deal that they were allowed to keep their game jerseys.

You can click on the photo to make it bigger. Is that one big ass trophy, or what!

So, except for the practice pants we forgot to turn in, we are now finally done with football until next season starts. Which won't be until midJune. In the meantime, we're free of the daily practices, weekly travel for games, expenses incurred for equipment, gas, food, cleats, team sweatshirts, and coffee for the road. This means we're free to relax. Except for snowboarding. And all the equipment, gas, food, ski wax, lift tickets, and hot chocolate that it incurs.

William just let us know he needs a new jacket.


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