Monday, February 20, 2006

Not sick, not raring to go

Here's what happens when you tell a teenager to smile for the camera. Ahhh. A face only a mother could love.

Yesterday, and on into today, I've been feeling a bit off center. Not sick really. Stiff and sore. And I'm embarrassed to say I probably can't blame the big fall I took on the ice/snow yesterday, because I don't have any bruises from the event. No, I think it was from the serious shoveling I did to find my car the day before, under the foot plus of snow. I hate to think that I'm so out of shape, such a wussy, that a half hour of shoveling would do me in like that. I mean, I am Mountain Girl, hear me roar! (wasn't she a character in a movie?)

But stiff and sore I was. Am. And a bit discombobulated all the way around. I can't seem to walk without tripping, pick something up without dropping it, type without my fingers spasming, think or talk without ending up at a dead end thinking/saying "Huh?" (sort of the mental equivalent of walking into a room and forgetting why you went there). Last night I finally decided, before I really hurt myself somehow, perhaps it was best to curl up on the couch and wait for whatever it is that 's making me short circuit to pass.

Today I did manage to do some nitpicky paperwork, in my continuing effort to uncover a desk top somewhere around here. I got a lot done, but it was such invisible work that I'm grumpy about having nothing to show for it.

Now I have to talk my son into watching Gandhi. I rented it as a "school assignment", but was trying to avoid letting him know that. I wanted to just waltz into the room on a night when there was nothing good on television and say "Well, whaddya know! I rented this movie. Let's watch it." Slip something educational in there without being caught. But I stupidly rented it during the Olympics, which William has been following with an almost evangelical intensity, and now the movie is due back tonight, so I had to break down and admit he sorta "HAD" to watch it with me. At least he didn't argue, although he is trying to bargain a pizza order into the deal. I've counter-offered pizza after the movie, soda and snacks now.

That's it. Nothing pithy or wise to say. Just - I'm around, but only quasi-functional.

Off to make popcorn.


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