Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I created a new word

Rosie was following me all over the house today, scratching at my leg, jumping on the bed to get closer to me as I walked by it. Finally I stopped, bend down and picked her up.

"You just want to be huggled."

Huh? I meant to say 'hugged' and I meant to say 'cuddled'. It ended up 'huggled', which isn't a word but it should be. I told the family and Jeff said "Or you could say 'cugged'. 'Cuggled'?" William and I just looked at him patiently.

Then William said "Give Rosie to me. I want to huggle her."

Anyone you know need a huggle?


Blogger kristen said...

rhys used to say cuggle in place of snuggle. one time, at around 3 in the morning or so, he hollared in his sleep "CUGGGGGGLE!!!!!" and then went back to sleep. it was very funny. rob and i still use it sometimes. just like we'll say 'i love ooo, rhysie' even though he clearly says i love YOU now...

but, er, um, back to you and your new word -- very nice :-D

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Vicki said...

We're always huggling our cats :-)

3:02 PM  

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