Thursday, March 23, 2006

Family First

I felt energized this morning. I imagine this would have been my most productive day EVER. (Hey, my fantasy life is rich and fulfilling) However, the family has decided today is a good day to go visit Sam. Sam is sooooo happy. Isn't that just too wonderful - that my son is happy to have his family visit? He's a strange kid, that one. A Sagitarrius who loves to be off on adventures, but every once in a while has acute attacks of "I just needed to hear your voice, Mom." He's a keeper.

Too, he's been excited to show us his new "toys" - a new truck at work, a new used truck at home, and most exciting of all, a trampoline. And tomorrow is the city's Home & Garden Show and he will be working it in the afternoon, so we're gonna go see that too. I haven't been to a H&G Show in ages and ages - over a decade at least since I know I haven't been to one since we've lived up here in the sticks. So a good trade, I think. Family and fun instead of cleaning and organizing.

So, today's blog needs to be short and sweet. I've been saving this photo to use for just such an emergency filler. I came across this little beauty while shopping at a discount store with Lisa down in San Diego earlier this month. It was in with the Easter candy, toys and decorations. I think it's supposed to be an Easter Egg on a Stick. Sort of an Easter version of the 4th of July Corndog perhaps. But really, isn't it obvious what it really is!? I mean, I know that the holiday traditions folks celebrate are simply carryovers from the corresponding pagan holiday that honor spring's promise of fertility and new life. Eggs, bunnies, baby chicks, fresh green grass. Still, no matter how fuzzy or sweetly colored, I think it's a bit over the top to give a kid a sperm in their basket.


Blogger Vicky aka stichr said...

I'll let you know when I stop laughing! Sperm on a Stick.

11:55 AM  
Blogger kristen said...

every sperm is sacred.....

tee hee hee!

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Bwahahaha . . . . :-D

9:29 PM  

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