Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday - a day late

Just couldn't quite squeeze it in since I've been back, and of course being out of town I missed last week's self portrait altogether, but here's my first attempt at this month's theme - "Time". I was inspired by my daughter's baby shower this month to dig out a series of photos of me over the years with my babies. Alas, I don't have photos of me with all my babies - Joshua and Noel, although they are my babies, came into my life after they were a wee bit bigger. And since I'm usually the one behind the camera instead of in front of it, it was hard to find photos of just me and a baby. Surprisingly hard. I couldn't find any of me and my most recent grandson Garret, for example. I have dozens of him being held by other people, but I'm the one that took the photograph. So, this is the best I could do.

Me and...... my baby sister Lisa - 1963 (I cut my sister Laurie out of this photo - sorry sis!), son Joseph - 1983 (I really wanted to put the colorful nursing hippie mama in here, but figured that might be a bit much for the internet), son Sam - 1986 (although he was born in Dec. 85, the photo is probably January 86), son William - 1991 (there were other shots to chose from but this one just sooo captured that time period), grandson Joshua - 2004 (right after the birth, I hadn't slept in several days when this photo was snapped, my current baby Rosie - 2005 (yeah, she's my baby - no rolling your eyes at old ladies and their little dogs!)


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