Friday, May 05, 2006

Miss me?

Yeah, I've been gone for..... 24 hours? Ha!

Yesterday was just travel, travel, and more travel. William got his first plane ride. And his second. I think he enjoyed them. Sometimes figuring out whether this kid is having a good time is a very tricky assessment game. The difference between boredom and intense enthusiasm might mean a fractional difference in the set of his shoulders, a mild smile instead of a deadpan face.

We had good weather. So on his first (and second) plane ride William got to see a lot on the take offs and landings - mountains, rivers, towns. Our last descent was at night so he got to see eastern seaboard city lights stretching on for miles in all directions. Me, I got to see a lot of passenger heads. I gave William the window seats.

My friend Deirdre and her very talkative daughter (not), picked us up at the airport in Connecticut. The long day of traveling helped us be tired enough to fall asleep at a reasonable EDT hour and hopefully we'll have minimal jetlag issues, as it will only be more of a time difference when we leave for England. This morning I'm enjoying talking with Deirdre's hubby and wandering around her home and studio looking at all the art and small details that make up a home.

However, in a few minutes we leave for THE BIG APPLE. Tourist R Us. Well, except for Deirdre, who probably thinks ho hum, big city. I wonder if I will embarrass her as much as I do William when I'm out acting all "Oooooh! Shiny! Big! Pretty!" in public, completely non-urbane. Yep, just call me Minnie Pearl. Agog at all the fancy streets and buildings. Okay, maybe not that bad. But silly, always silly. Life is too short not to have fun. I've got my camera ready and I'm set to go.

Later alligators!


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