Saturday, May 06, 2006

Live! From New York! it's Saturday Night Live!

Ha! Actually it's Live! From Connecticut. But that's pretty close to New York. About an hour by train. I learned that yesterday when we took the train (and the subway) and went there. We spent all day in the city, had a wonderful time, and we all ended up absolutely exhausted. I think William was actually walking and sleeping at the same time.

I won't tell you all about it. You'll have to wait, my pretties. I'm too tuckered out from today's fun in Connecticut (Mystic Seaport) and Rhode Island to stay up any longer then a quick kiss kiss hug hug because tomorrow Deirdre is dragging us all out of here on another early start to another long day in New York City. Isn't she wonderful! No, wait. That wasn't sarcasm. She keeps us all together and on track and makes sure we see everything we asked to see. She's also been doing all the thinking to make sure we catch trains and meet people on time and feed ourselves before we fall over faint from hunger like Raggedy Ann dolls (or in William's case, a Raggedy Andy doll), face down on the sidewalks. I am gratefully impressed!

She also loves to take photographs, just like me. We both have captured some great shots of scenery and life and artsy things like that. We've also taken some for the family scrapbooks. This means the poor teenagers, my William and her daughter Morgan, have had to pose for endless shots of themselves in front of memorable backgrounds. I mean, we could take photos of ourselves in front of things but let's face it, the young'uns are just more photogenic then us old.... er, mature folk. For the most part, they were incredibly good sports. I'll leave you with a couple of the most touristy ones.

I surprisingly didn't even think to ask William to do this. He thought of it all on his own. He's either incredibly witty or incredibly well trained to do silly things in public.

Here I ended up in the picture with William and Morgan because some nice, well meaning lady came up and offered to take the photo for me. I didn't want to be rude and say no, so I joined the kids in front of this boat museum. Not a bad shot, eh?

And here are William and Morgan in a boat. I saw the boat and yelled "All teenagers - get in the boat!" A couple of elderly people walking by overheard me (wasn't hard, I was loud) and cracked up laughing, remarking ""Good luck with that!" I must be hard to ignore - or maybe they just wanted to shut me up as fast as possible and get it over with - they climbed in. After this shot I told them to pretend to be falling overboard. They decided it was time to disembark quickly before I asked them to next lean over the sides and pretend to be seasick or something else embarrassing.


Blogger Rob said...

Interesting post, but interesting enough to post three times? Well,okay, maybe but still. You're making me dizzy. :)

8:58 PM  
Anonymous kirstymoonsinger said...

I love the pix of y'all! Sorry I didn't think of whipping down the coast to see y;all as you were maybe only 100 miles away or so..maybe 150. I'm so glad you had fun with Deirdre!


2:17 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

LOL, you guys had lunch two doors up the road from where I live!

5:55 AM  

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