Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's an American Idol night

Y'know, of all my shows, this is the only one I'm worried about missing while we're on vacation. Probably because of the live nature of the show. My other shows are all wrapping up for the season and I'm happy to wait and watch the taped shows when I get back.

So, tonight's show. It was fun to get two chances to hear each of them sing, but I 'm not sure if it was a good idea - the entire show had a rushed feel to it, as did each of the songs themselves. Also, after weeks of watching the contestants polish their images and their song presentations, I feel as if it's sort of leveling off. I think they're all about as good as they're gonna get for the duration of the show (although, I would be happy to be proven wrong on this point), and I think most of them have tried to show us several different sides of themselves and their range of styles.

Now I think it's really become more about personality and fan base. Frankly, no matter whether a particular singer had a good night or a bad, I'm thinking of my voting as a strategy for keeping my favorites on for another week more then I'm voting for this week's performances. And it's getting more and more difficult because I really don't know who I would most like to see win at this point. Each week I just watch and then realize that there's one or two contestants that I'm willing to sacrifice to see one or two stay.

Elliott - He's still growing on me and I thought his two performances tonight were the best overall. I've always loved his voice and now that he's gained some confidence, I'm loving his soft style as well. He was in my top two favorites this week.

Paris - Like Elliott, I've always loved her voice and and I think her style, too, has developed a lot over the course of the season. I'd say she and Elliott have the two best voices overall. She wouldn't be my vote for leaving, but I'm sorta afraid she might go this week.

Kathryn - y'know, I don't know why I can't really love her. I do like her. I guess I just don't think she can deliver as consistently or as strongly as Paris. If someone has to go tomorrow night, I'd have to say Kathryn is the one I would let go. I thought her first song tonight was bad. It sounded like she couldn't sing fast enough to get off the stage. Her second song was fine, and the floor thing was cute, but after a while I just started to wish she'd stand up already!

Chris - he's a strong singer and he was back to singing his own style this week. I think listening to him broaden his style over the last few weeks has kept me from getting tired of him. If he did an album, I'd probably buy it, I like his style, but I think on an album he'd mix it up a bit. Or have a band back up. Something so that it wouldn't all sound alike like it has a tendency to do with the back up choices on the show. I really want all three guys who are left to make it to the top three, but I think Elliott and Taylor squeezed into the top two slots for me this week.

Taylor - I loved that he just went for broke with his goofy dancing and wild singing with his first song! He. Just. Makes. Me. SMILE! And yet, I adored his second more serious song just as much. He did the best job tonight in balancing his two song choices. If I didn't like Elliott so much, Taylor would definitely be my favorite. And too, Chris is so cute.....

Damn, it's so hard to choose. I guess it's a good thing I'm not the only one who gets to vote, eh? Takes the pressure off of me.


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