Thursday, June 08, 2006

Holiday Photos #5

I thought this was sweet. What do you want to bet that in this country they'd worry about lawsuits and such and just tear into the ol' guy with a chain saw and call it a day.

Another very "English" scene. This was in a small village. I liked the combination of the vegetable bin outside (these were all over the place), the bright red post box, and what you can't really see in this small photo (you might be able to read it if you click on the pic to open it up) is the sign on the door that says they've gone off for lunch. Not that places don't close for lunch in small towns in the U.S. on occasion, but it's still rather quaint.

That's it. No photos today with William or I standing in the foreground. Honestly, I'm sort of frustrated with posting at the moment. These photos were all ready and waiting to be uploaded yesterday, but for several days now Blogger has been smoking crack or maybe weed. I was headed out of town yesterday and after ten minutes of arguing with it, I gave up and let it sleep. Yes, definitely weed. It's like arguing with someone who just grins back at you as if the whole damn thing is funny.

It can't be bothered to connect. It takes forever. It keeps failing. Hmmm, maybe I should slip a CD of viagra commericals through and try to upload THAT. And now, today, it can't find pages. It's like a company who ran out of Form 456AB and decided to make up a mock form with ballpoint pen and a ruler and ask you to fill that out instead. It doesn't even have all the regular windows or anything. Sigh. I don't even know if this will publish. If you're reading this, I guess it did. Eventually.


Blogger Janet said...

I'm so enjoying all your photos. I am sorry you're having blogger trouble....I'm having problems with blogger, too. Mostly with trying to upload photos.

6:55 PM  

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