Sunday, November 19, 2006

Holiday Photos #17

These are the last photos from Wales. And no, this isn't another recreationist's group. These were, we were told, dignitaries on hand for the parade. Parade? What parade? And if you're an American, at least, if you're an American who lives in the western half of the continent, the land of "dressing up means wearing your nice jeans", aren't these robes and uniforms a kick?! And the women, in proper wool suits and those hats! I felt like I was watching a scene being filmed for some period movie. People don't really dress like that still, do they? Well, apparently they do. (Remember, you can click on these pics to see more detail.)

I rounded the corner onto, well, not the high street, I guess it was the "cross high street" and the sound of drums and horns rose up, the marching of regiments approached. The parade!

But what kind of parade was it? What was the occasion, the event, the holiday? The locals seemed to be as confused as us tourist folk. No one seemed to have known there was going to be a parade. I eventually asked the right person however and learned it was to celebrate the graduation of this marching class of... I think they were called The Sea Cadets. The British Naval version of our ROTC from what I can gather.

You can't see the building in either of these photos, but the pub on this corner, the one these young sailors are marching around, was also where we stayed for the last night in Conwy, in a room on the second floor. I had gone out to run an errand, leaving William in the room and I was bummed that he was missing the excitement down on the street. But then I looked up and saw the pub window above me open, William leaning over the sill enjoying a bird's eye view.

And as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, we must say goodbye to Wales for now. We're off on a long train ride to new adventures. I spent most of the day looking out the window at the scenery and knitting a hat in rings of green and gold. As you can see, William, both Williams, spent much of the ride catching up on some sleep.

And when we arrived........ where would we be when we stepped off the train? Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of William and his mother.....


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