Sunday, December 31, 2006

Z is for.....

Zekas - my surname. My maiden name and now in this marriage, my married name. I changed my name in my first marriage and when I divorced, I took back my maiden name. When I remarried I didn't want to change it again so my husband, who was sort of adrift without a surname at the time (long story), decided he'd take my name. It worked out to be a wonderful gift because my father is an only son. He had only sisters and only daughters. My older sons have my ex-married name. But William has my name and so my father's name lives on. I'm really happy about that because he was a great dad and although he wouldn't have worried about a name, it's a nice way to honor him.

Zeke - With a last name like Zekas, Zeke is an obvious nickname. In fact I thought my dad's name was Zeke Zekas until I was about six or seven. Turns out his first name was really Paul. Who knew!? I've been called Zeke, my husband goes by Zeke with a lot of his friends, and I suspect William will become Zeke at some point in time as well.

zen - I can't claim to know a lot about zen buddhism, but what I do know is a nice framework through which to see the world. I borrow terms from the philosophy a lot

zinnia - one of my favorite flowers because they're just such happy looking flowers. Every year I tell myself I'm gonna plant a bunch of them and every year I forget. Maybe this spring will be the year.

zombies - zombies, vampires, ghosts, werewolves... I like all those paranormal, fantasy creatures. Not that I'd want to meet one in real life. Well, maybe a ghost. But I like my scary folk safely ensconced within the covers of a good book.

zest - no, not the soap. Just a general zest for life.

And that's it! My Wordplay list is complete!

What am I going to do next year? Hmmmm......


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