Sunday, November 26, 2006

Holiday Photos #18

After our long train ride, where did we end up? In Edinburgh, Scotland! It was raining when we got there and pretty much rained (or drizzled or misted or rained some more) almost the entire time we were there. We saw blue skies the morning we were leaving.

But, that didn't stop us from loving this city. It's hard to say which part of the trip was my favorite, because that's sort of like being asked to choose which of my children I like best - it depends on the day you ask me and who's pissing me off at the moment - but it's pretty fair to say that if Edinburgh wasn't my favorite location, it would most assuredly always be in the running for the top of my list.
A fuzzy photo but the one that most easily explains why one of the first comments William made upon arrival was "You sure wouldn't want to parachute down into this city!" They were very big on spires of all sizes. The spires and all the dark stone and brick made me feel like we'd walked into the middle of a gothic tale. The only thing we did the first evening in Edinburgh was find our B & B and take the bus back down to the Royal Mile to scope out the area of the city we planned on investigating the following day. And we were starving and needed to find someplace to eat. Someplace turned out to be an All-You-Can-Eat Italian buffet, filled with both familiar and exotic dishes. I think it was probably William's favorite restaurant of the the entire trip. We have this photo of William and I at our table, one of the few of us together, because a young couple at the table next to us offered to take it. Notice how frizzy my hair is because of all the rain. William's hair looks like that simply because William doesn't believe in torturing his hair with the use of a comb or brush except on very rare occasions.

The rain made the restaurant warm and steamy. William made this little fellow on the window next to our table.

That's about it. Not too many photos of what we saw, I'll save the start of the sightseeing pics for the next post. Just this one more now - another of those very popular dark gothic spires in a park.

Notice the brightly colored wildlife in the foreground? They were having an Art Cow Parade. This herd of brilliantly bedecked bovines were scattered here and there all over the city. After a week of taking photos of ancient weathered this and thats, these cows were a pleasant change of photographic pace. If you'd like to see some of my cow photos, check them out at Laume's Studio.


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