Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A post about not blogging

I worked on getting my Yule tree up today. I'll try to post a pic tomorrow after I get some of the clutter cleaned out around it. Tonight I took a break to watch Doctor Who, read e-mail, and make some new holiday dolls for my blogs.

That's it. Yawwwwn. I told you, this is a post about not blogging. You didn't believe me?!

Off to bed.

Oh wait, one more thing first. A few holiday photos:

I took this from the beach in Coronado.

The close-up is nice too. What? You're thinking "very pretty but, how is this holiday-ish?" Well, it was dark when we arrived back from our walk on the beach, and here's the same house all lit up at night.

Perhaps not as nice as the day time photos, but it was really pretty in person. (Try clicking on it, there's a lot more detail if viewed larger.)


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