Monday, January 01, 2007

A few last photos from 2006

I mentioned Sam and William made gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve. Here's Sam working on the roof line of his house. He's also making this same house life size, with your standard building materials - wood, cement, shingles, nails...

Here's William's "low income housing" version.

Joshua got his mohawk haircut re-done by mom. In the photo he's telling me "Don't look yet Gammy!" Apparently if he can't see me, then I can't see him.

Here's my firstborn with his firstborn. Joli is spending a lot more time awake and alert. Her favorite thing currently is bright lights of any kind. Tonight she was cooing and smiling at the Yule Tree. Joli looks alert in this photo, Joe just looks tired. Having a new baby is a lot of work.

Rosie is my "baby" now. She seems even tinier with all the babies around. She only weighs half of what Joli weighs. Also, William's cast. He has only one more week before it's cut off. He can hardly wait to get the go ahead to go snowboarding again. Now all we need is some local snow...

This photo doesn't really belong in this group as I clicked it (or digitaled it) today, which is 2007. But it's here cuz' it's cute. Again, as you can see, parenting is tiring work. And so, apparently, is being the baby.


If you want to see a couple of gifts I made for the holidays, I put up a few photos up at Laume's Studios.


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