Friday, April 13, 2007

Knock Knock...

Who's there? No one. I'm not here.

It's spring break at the high school and William has been over at his brother Sam's house since Wednesday evening. I thought it would be interesting, having "everyone" gone. And it was, for a brief period that only stretched yesterday from midafternoon until bedtime and then a couple hours this afternoon after hubby went back to work. But everyone wasn't really gone. Jeff was working a double shift at work but was home this morning. And of course I had the dogs and cats. And everyone calling on the phone. (Which reminds me, Joe called today to tell me he met Tiger Woods this morning. Very kewl. He always seems to be bumping into famous people - in the last year or so he's also met The Governator, Shaun White, Eva Longoria and the Wayan brothers to name those I can remember him mentioning.) But for those few hours, it was interesting, it felt odd, even though it mostly got filled up with grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning though. And doing the taxes. Blech. And packing a bit just now.

And now it's time to drive to Sam's so I can help lay tile in his house tomorrow and then retrieve William and return home sometime midweekend.

Hope you are all doing something funner than (yes, I know, it's "more fun than" - but I like "funner" better, so Phhhbt!) taxes and tile laying and driving.

Later gators!


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