Thursday, May 31, 2007

Reading Rainbow

Ha! Not the show.

While wandering around uptown yesterday, I wandered in to the bookstore and bought the two books on the top of the stack below. Labyrinth I found in the used section. Religious mystery, history, and France. What more could I ask! The one on the top, Ida B, I bought new. It's a children's book about a homeschooled child that has to return to school when her mother has to undergo cancer treatments. I just checked out the reviews on Amazon and it looks like you either love it or hate it - mixed reviews. I'll let you know.

The rest of the books in the stack I found at the library Book Sale today. They'd restocked their Book Sale shelves and I found a bunch of odd and intriguing titles. They also increased the prices so the 50 cent books were now a dollar and the dollar books were two dollars. Still can't complain.

Four other books I bought at the library were art and design books so I posted about them over at Laume's Studio. Lots of new reading!

At the moment I'm in the middle of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I've been rereading all the HP's before the new and final book comes out in July. Have you noticed, the HP media hype for the new book has already begun? I can't read e-mail or browse a newspaper or magazine now without something about Harry or J K Rowling. Today I stumbled upon a spoiler - ARGH!!! I HATE SPOILERS!!! It was an officially released spoiler, but still, I would have been happier not knowing it. And I know as the release gets closer, it's only going to get worse. Once the book comes out I plan on running home from the midnight party and locking myself up without television or computer until I finish the last page.

The stormy weather that moved in late yesterday stuck around all day with muggy gray skies and spatters of rain. This evening the wind was so strong I wondered if I was going to see cows and farmhouses swirling by! What I did see was RAINBOWS!

I took a few photos above the neighbors' rooftops and then jumped in the car and drove a half mile down the road to take a few more picturesque shots. There were actually two rainbows but the second one, although visible to the naked eye, wasn't easy to pick up through the lens.

I did see cows but they all had their feet firmly planted on the ground. Mr. 218 was particularly interested in the lady with the camera.


Blogger amy said...

Great pictures! The colors in the rainbow photo are beautiful.

Do let us know about Ida B? I've heard of it but haven't read it yet. I'm always interested in how homeschooling is being portrayed...

4:43 AM  
Anonymous Deirdre said...

I'm pretty sure that MR. 218 is really a MRS. Either that or its a great boob job VBG!

:-D eirdre

9:21 AM  
Blogger LoveAnna said...

Labyrinth is a great book, you'll love it! I lent my copy to somebody and I can't remember who, dammit. I'll keep my eyes open in a bargain book shop for another copy, I think.

10:25 AM  

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