Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm Still Not Here But...

I'm still not here. I've been off having adventures. And lots of fun (except for maybe some of the long driving parts). So much fun that I've abandoned my blog this week with nary a backwards glance.


I have not abandoned my blogging friends. In fact, you were all frequently in my thoughts this last week. Ooooh, Chocolate - Laura. I bet Deb would wear that! Hey, Joshilyn's book. What a cute pug - like Madness's - s- s (how many s's do I add?) These are pretty, but not as pretty as Katy's beads. Hey, I think Jan lives just off this highway. Wish I'd brought her phone number with me. Oooooh, Jaye would love these polka-dots!

And so on.

You've all invaded my head even when I'm offline.

For all you lonesome folks sitting by your computers day and night, clearly pining away for a new blog entry from me (because let's face it, without my blog, what's left - only a few hundred thousand other interesting people?), the good news is I'll be back soon. In a day or two. And I've got lots and lots to post about - Faeries! And grandkids! Chocolate and other delectable treats! Art! Music! Books! Theatre! Shopping! And Faeries!!! Did I mention Faeries!?

And lots of photos because - a picture is worth a thousand words. So it saves a lot of time. Although, words are good too. So, soon compadres, soon.

But just now I need to get dressed for an evening of dining and a bit of French comedy.


Blogger Kirsty said...

Timeline: Sat. Sunday early morning, 12:09 on the Eastern i am trying to catch up on blog reading while the kitchen floor drys so I can go to bed....and a blog entry...but's a caveat...not an actual blog post...I am in withdrawal...I shall have to leave my computer, and drag my weary butt off to bed without a Beachtreasure blog to ponder and laugh over....s-iii-g-h....

9:06 PM  

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