Monday, January 07, 2008

Catching some Current

The electricity has been going off and on here for the last few days. Lights working in the morning when the sun peeks out between storms, lights out just in time for sunset and more snow each evening.

Here's a photo I took when the storm had just begun.

Here's another photo yesterday. Or was it the day before? In any case - note the difference. MORE snow.

With the electricity playing peek-a-boo, I haven't been online much. Fortunately we have a fireplace (not nearly as warm as a woodstove, but enough to take the chill off things), a gas cook stove with a constant pilot so we can cook, city water that doesn't require a pump, and plenty of candles, oil lamps, and flashlights. So roughing it isn't as bad for us as some people. No lights or hot water naturally but mainly we have to make do without our TOYS - computers, video games, televisions, sewing machines, microwave oven, music.

Of course we snuggle to stay warm...

and bring out the books, games, and knitting. We go to bed early and listen to the plows going up and down nearby roads which, when I was out and about yesterday, offer you multiple options - slushy, snowy, or icy. It's hard to choose which one I love most. Snowy is probably my first choice a pied while behind the wheel I think I'd prefer slushy. Rosie, on the other hand, prefers none of the above and can't understand why her tiny feet must EVER touch anything white, wet, or cold.

More storms are forecast, but theoretically the worst of it has past. No that we had anything like the six feet or more of the white stuff that came down in the higher elevations (we probably had somewhere between one and two feet), or the days on end with no power that some folks are dealing with, or the flooding the poor folks in Fernley are enduring (a small town just outside of Reno, an agricultural levee broke and flooded neighborhoods with two to five feet of icy water - apparently no one bothered to designate the area a flood zone, so most of the affected homes have no flood insurance!). So, no complaints here. Just keeping warm and counting my blessings.


Blogger kristen said...

may your year be wonderful and full of joy, love, creativity, and hope!
kristen :D

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, honey! love, jeff

11:40 AM  

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