Monday, March 24, 2008

Breaking News! Deer in Susanville!

This photo was in our local paper about a month ago. I just got around to reading (well, skimming) it the other day. The caption reads:

"A buck heads south on Paul Bunyan Road at 7:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 20, after sitting for several minutes watching the traffic go by."

I had to laugh.

First, Deer in Susanville - oh my stars! It would be just as amazing if the photo had been "Car Sighted on Local Highway!" or "Wind Blows Through Town." Deer are abundant in this area. I don't even live in the country, I live in town and I open the door to find deer in my yard as often as not. If I point out a deer or herd of deer while driving, William has this annoying habit of pretending to be hyper-excited, exclaiming "Deer? Where?! Deer! Oh my God! I've never SEEEEEEN a DEEEEER before!" Armed with sarcasm, that boy, and NOT afraid to use it frequently.

And secondly, it sounds like this deer was wanted by the police or was perhaps a celebrity sighting. Why all the information!? Was he a famous deer? Would it have been less interesting if the buck had been headed north instead of south? Was the time important - did he need an alibi? Was he going against traffic or breaking the speed limit?

It must have been a very slow news week in town.


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