Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Day with Friends

My friend Kristen and her two sidekicks made the long drive up today for a visit. It was a lovely day. The first thing we did, after all the cats and dogs were greeted, named, and petted, was to have lunch at the local tea room.

Such a cute photo of Kristen!

Kristen's lovely daughter Irene having her first cup of English style tea - Earl Grey Lavender with cream and sugar.

Here's my hubby listening intently as Kristen's son Rhys introduces him to his box of Star Wars action figures.

After lunch hubby went home to take a nap (think the kids tuckered him out a bit?) and the rest of us went for a walk. We gave the kids their choice of a walk along the shops on Main Street or a walk through a quiet neighborhood to the pioneer cemetery.

As you can see, they chose the cemetery, where we had a lovely, peaceful ramble through the gravestones (saying "Excuse me" when we had to step over someone) and discussing the meaning of life and death. There seems to be a pattern of us taking visitors to the cemetery - either Susanville has a derth of options for tourist activities or we're just a very odd family.

Don't answer that.

I'd never noticed this beautiful gate before today.

Walking through the nearby neighborhood, we also saw this unusual tree which ... "Is brought to you by the Letter O". Thank you Sesame Street for burning that line into my brain.

We also saw this very angry looking vehicle abandoned near the sidewalk. Someone bought this red eyed demon car for their child. Uhm, really? Even for me, this is very creepy looking. It looks like a combination hearse and Ghostbuster station wagon. Okay, maybe my kids would have loved it.

We also saw this yard simply covered in star shaped flowers.

Then we went for a walk through the canyon because Rhys wanted to see the river.

The kids worked hard to get all the rocks into the water but alas, the task was too much for such a small group and we had to leave some of them unthrown.

We were fortunate enough, however, to discover a small nest of beer cans nestled beneath the roots of a tree. The ones that hatch and make it to maturity will turn into some fine keg specimens, I'm sure. Party ON, people! Support the local wildlife! Wooooo!

Rhys was all about being four and having "skills". There was swinging on the tree swing with no hand skills, rock throwing skills, jumping skills, climbing skills, and this very difficult standing on a rock on one foot maneuver to show his balancing skills.

And here Irene shows off her photo taking skills so the two moms can both be in the picture.

We all had a great afternoon - although I think we tuckered Kristen out, she asked where the Starbucks was located before heading off for the drive home.


Blogger Deb R said...

Oh, that looks SO fun!!! kristen is one of the Mavs I haven't hung out with yet who I'd most like to meet in person, and I'd love to see you again, Laume, so I'm a wee bit envious, but mostly just happy for you both that you had such a fun day! :-)

5:34 AM  
Blogger Lostcheerio said...

Cute, cute, cute. I'm so jealous!

6:50 AM  
Blogger Jaye said...

I agree that the photo of Kristen is fabulous. You should frame it and send it to Rob as a prezzie. Work, I know, but can you imagine the look on his face at such an unexpected gift? I am glad the tea room is open again (I must have missed the ending to that story), because it makes such a lovely photo backdrop.

1:49 PM  

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