Tuesday, April 08, 2008


This is how many suitcases I'd like to bring with me on the trip. One suitcase just for shoes, another for assorted sweaters and jackets, one for toiletries, scarves, jewelry, umbrella and miscellaneous, a fourth for computer, phone, and camera equipment, the fifth for multiple outfits, the sixth to bring gifts to hand out randomly - maybe smuggle Rosie over with me, and the last giant suitcase empty so I could fill it up with goodies I want to bring back home.

Alas, I was skirting the edge of my ability to handle my own luggage on my last trip with one midsize rolling tote and a medium sized sling backpack. Whenever I find myself thinking - "maybe I should bring a third pair of shoes" or "I might need a dress" I think of the miserable moments trying to get my zipper to shut or when multiple staircases made it impossible to roll my tote and I come to my senses. No, not this time. My plan is to bring that medium sized sling backpack, this time just half full, and a rolling back pack only a third the size of the rolling tote I brought last time.

If I simply can't reduce down that much with the bare necessities, I bought a sturdy new tote just in case, as long as I don't use it just as an excuse to bring more stuff. (I stuffed my old tote so full I broke the main zipper on it.) It's a squeeze smaller than my first rolling tote so I bought it thinking it would qualify as carry on but when I got it home and measured, it's a half inch too wide. Sigh. Hmmmm, I just realized I could bring it with me to the airport when we pick up my mom (our gracious holder down of the fort person) and try it in the little metal test box - if it fits I could bring it, if it doesn't fit, I send it home with my mom. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to have to check it through at the airport, but I'd rather avoid it, for the obvious I'd-like-my-luggage-to-arrive-at-the-same-time-and-place-as-me reasons. Still, I'm considering it because it would be nice if my stuff was more loosely packed. I'd be willing to put up with a bit more bulk if it didn't mean more weight and then I'd have the option of filling it up with goodies and checking it back through on the way home.

Wouldn't it be nice if I could use a levitating spell like Harry Potter so my luggage could simply float along beside me? Or maybe I could have luggage with a capital L - Luggage - like The Tourist, and later Rincewind, that just followed along on it's multiple legs? (Plus, a ferocious luggage like that would come in handing for protecting my passport and monies!) Or perhaps I can find some place that sells carpet bags like Mary Poppins that appear to hold unlimited belongings without adding a speck of extra weight? Or better yet, just travel by Tardis - tiny blue box on the outside, unlimited storage room on the inside!

Sigh.... Unfortunately, I think I'll have to come up with a mundane, muggle solution to my luggage problems.

On my To Do List still before we go - do a dress (and socks and toothbrush and shirts and...) rehearsal packing.


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