Sunday, March 30, 2008


There's not much of a view out the window over my kitchen sink. The glass is also dusty and stained with water spots, which doesn't help. Nor does it help that it's winter. But as you can see, I'm trying to improve on things. I have baby spider plants, a prism, (and a few fairies and gnomes which you can't see in this pic) on the window sill. Outside there are prayer flags and an earth flag fluttering. The prayer flags used to be colorful but they've been out there for three seasons now. Plus, there's a grape arbor. In the summer it's green and lush and has many grapes - until the birds get them - and now there's one of my favorite religious icons sheltered inside it like a little grotto - a Virgin de Guadalupe. I know. I'm a Pagan. But I'm also an equal opportunity spiritual enjoyer. Enjoyist?

You can just barely see it half in/half out of the left edge of the photo above, but I finally filled a small birdfeeder I have had for a number of years. I bought it and filled it years ago and no one visited it. I thought I'd give it another try and LOOK!

Little finches! Hard to see through the dirty window.

If you click to open this photo, you can get a better idea of what the grape arbor looked like. In person it looked as if it had been decorated by at least a dozen bright yellow little balls. Or maybe eggs, for spring. They were much brighter than they look here. There were also some slightly larger birds with red heads and breasts - no, not robins - but a larger finch or perhaps a sparrow. Can you see them all? And that's just on the top of the arbor - there were more on sides of the arbor, the feeder, fence, and nearby apple tree. I counted seven.

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Blogger Pherenike said...

Its lovely to have birds visit ones garden isnt it! I liked your comment about being an equal opportunity spiritual enjoyer!

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