Thursday, April 03, 2008


It's harder to find "number related" images than I thought. But fortunately, I happened to have twelve travel books sitting on my coffee table. Okay, so there's actually thirteen books on the table, but one is so teeny tiny that it wouldn't show up in the photo, so I didn't include it. A few of these are from our last trip, some were from the Bargain section of Barnes & Noble, more were local thrift store finds, and the last of them were a belated but perfect Christmas gift from my sister Laurie - it arrived this last week. She apologized profusely for taking three months plus to send something but she didn't need to bother - apologizing that is. It's a lot more fun to receive a box of goodies in the mail in the spring, when we didn't expected it.

Some of these I'm reading, some I'm just browsing or looking things up in, a few I won't get to crack open until I get back, but that's just fine, I'll probably enjoy them even more once I'm back and full of memories that need regular tending.


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Look at this site for today! There are gorgeous architectural details from Paris.

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