Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Faeries

I took a lot of photos, so be prepared to be inundated with faeries for a while. I broke it down into categories, today let's just wander around and check out some of the other faeries we saw and met. Just a sampling of the fae folk, mind you, as the possibilities for different manifestations are unlimited in the faery realm.

Here are two beautiful young fae women. Victoria actually hooked up with these two later in the festival to have some professional photos done. With Victoria from the UK, the girl here on the left from Denmark, the darker fae on the right is from Texas (that's sort of like a country of it's own, right?) made it an international gathering.

Fae come in all personalities - punk, elegant, woodsy. I bet the woman on the left loves me for putting her photo up here while she's got her eyes half closed.

Apparently faeries love striped stockings. I loved them too.

A veiled faery and a guerilla faery - the Middle East contigent?

A sky faery!

I think my favorite fae were almost always dressed in black. Not as many goth faeries as last year, but there were some. This faery wasn't goth, but her costume was gorgeous.

A dragon faery.

I just adored these two, they looked so elegant and poised, like visiting royalty. Maybe they were, the matriarch and patriarch of their clan? I want to be as stunning when I'm their age.

She just exuded CUTE. I love how her shadow has it's very own personality in this photo.

Another cute couple. Matching couples were the best. Hubby and I tried to match but since we hardly ever stood still or even got much of a chance to be together (we did get away to wander together a bit) it's not like anyone could really tell. More striped stockings. More black and white.

I also really loved the woodland and earthy faeries. Doesn't she look like she just stepped out of an otherworldly glen?

Stay tuned. Tomorrow, adorable wee fae.


Blogger Tabitha Eck said...

I know! We had quite a few faries come through the restaurant for breakfast (since the festival didn't start until noon apparently). I think the kids always end up getting my vote just for the cuteness factor

5:47 PM  

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