Friday, August 08, 2008

Wee Faeries

Probably the best part of Faerieworlds, although I'd happily argue that it's ALL best, are the faery children. So many beautiful, happy, joyful children who have the advantage of not having as far to travel to get to the land of faeries as some of us adults do.

It looks like this mother and child arrived from the land of fairytales! I can imagine a unicorn or two trailing along behind them.

A more dramatic fae girl, perhaps from some tropical land? Check out the flowers in her hair.

A couple of Peter Pan's Lost Boys wandering about?

Faerie sisters.

Even Dark Faeries make Beautiful Faerie children.

Other things have cute kids too, like this... er, Thing.

Two faery sons to be proud of, the littler one was growling for me. You didn't know faeries growled, did you!

Notice how a faery child can use it's ability to meld into it's surroundings to take a safe nap?

This was one of my favorite faery babes. We just met this fae family this year but already I feel like they are old friends of ours!

Faery brother and sister. Doesn't the young man look like he'd make a great Tom Sawyer?

Another sweet faery with her dad. There were a lot of great faery dads at the festival keeping an eye on their wild children.

The hoola hoop area attracted faerie children, elven kids, and even a few wee humans by the dozens.

Of course I couldn't show all the wee faerie photos without adding another of the cutest faery baby at the festival!

Is this strange creature protecting or leading astray this redheaded faery girl?

I think a family of Hobbits attended the festival as I saw these two curly headed cuties playing near the main stage.

This little one thought the music was too loud, he was wandering through the dancers with his hands on his ears, probably in search of a dancing parent.

An elf with his lunch.

Oh, how did this get in here, another adorable picture of a Joli faery!

Although Joli was obviously the cutest faery baby there, there was certainly a lot of stiff competition.

No wings? Perhaps these were a couple of wee changelings.

At the cusp of adolescence, I thought these two were still some of the cutest faeries I saw all weekend.

Whew, lots of photos but how could I have left any of them out! Tomorrow I'll show you a few of the other creatures that were out and about amongst the fae.


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