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Over a week since I've posted but I'm not sorry, it was worth all the organizing, packing and travel that kept me away. I was busy getting ready and then busy having a complete and utterly wonderful time at Faerieworlds in Veneta, Oregon. We had so much fun, we met so many wonderful people, we enjoyed each other's company, we danced, we shopped, we wore ourselves out. I took almost 800 photographs and so I can't possibly share them all in one post. Today I'll just share photos of our group in all our many faery outfits.

From L to R: Victoria, Lisa, Elena, Brianna, and moi on Good Faery Day

This first photo I didn't take, my friend Kathy did, bless her heart. I kept announcing "I have to take photos of us all together!" but it was so chaotic and crazy it just never happened. Rounding us all up in one place at one time might have been a near impossibility. But here are almost all the "girls", save Kathy who is behind the lens and Joli who is probably running off somewhere while we were posing.

Here I am at the campground, you can see my wings and sun umbrella. I ended up turning the wings upside down at the festival, they fit better and stayed straight. And Joli ran off with the umbrella.

This is our friend Kathy's son Alex. They were only able to stay for the first day. He came dressed as a wizard and bought these lovely blue wings from a vendor.

Later he added this face painting to his outfit.

Here's Joli standing in the line to get our tickets. Her yellow faery dress was very similar to one she wore to the festival last year and we had so many people come up to us and tell us they remembered her from last year!

Hubby on the first day. I didn't get many photos of him in his outfits because he was bothered more than the rest of us by the heat and started shedding hats and wings after a few hours. Check out the cool tie dyed polka dot wings I made for him.

The second day was Bad Faery Day and I think it was unanimously everyone's favorite outfit day. Well, maybe everyone but Victoria, who wowed us all on the last day. Lisa's sister Elena bought these horns and this adorable hat.

Victoria got a great fuzzy hat as well, as well as more henna. She got the design on her forehead the first day and the arm design the second. Some of you are probably wondering about now - Who is Victoria? Well, she's a young woman who I met on the Faerieworlds forum who came over by herself, all the way from England. She didn't realize that the US is a bit third world when it comes to public transportation so she arrived in Oregon and then was sort of "stuck". I offered to pick her up on my way back or forth from Washington to help Noel after the baby. She ended up making other plans at the last minute but she hooked up with us at the festival and we all just fell in love with her and made her one of one of the family.

Lisa's sister Brianna had a lot of fun this year. I didn't get many photos of her. She had these pretty wings and temporary tattoos.

Here I am in my black raven finery. I got a lot of complements on my wings and boa.

I don't think I got a single full length photo of hubby in his punk faery outfit. We didn't realize until my friend Kathy pointed it out that he was a "Rastafaery"! Ooooh, groan! He got hot and took his hat off after awhile. It was funny because later I saw another guy dressed almost identical to hubby, only with real dreds!

Here's our little imp-in-red faery Joli and Lisa as a bad faery in black and white. Joli was dancing with us up near the front of the stage to Gaia Consort. See the Faery/Lammas altar against the front of the stage in the background? Well, Joli and a number of other wee faeries were helping themselves to some of the altar contributions, in particular the fruit. We put Joli up here on the bale of straw to try to distract her, which helped a bit. You can see Lisa in her outfit as well. She made the outfit, she bought the wings in San Diego (and then ran into the vendor here at the festival!) and I made her the fairy hair ties. She got a lot of compliments on them.

But the bale of straw didn't work forever. She was back at the altar as soon as she figured out how to climb down off of it. One of the dancers gave her a rose from the altar and that kept her busy for a bit while she danced with it. I swear at least three dozen people stopped dancing, whipped out their cameras, and started taking photos of her at this point. She was pretty much followed around by papparazzi all weekend long.

Another photo of Lisa's outfit from the back to show off her wings and laces.

The third day was Family Day and we all had the same idea and had sort of woodland/nature outifts. Victoria's outfit was the best yet and it only got better when she arrived and had a vendor ask her to walk around in a beautiful set of lacy green wings as advertisement. Oh yeah, she got those great wool roving hair attachments at the festival as well. The rose garland we took off our camp awning for her to use.

Here's Hubby and and I in our Autumn Fae outfits. They had a beautiful open air forest "cathedral" and hubby wanted to get faery married, so we did.

Here's Lisa's out fit on the last day. She went for simple but elegant. You can see her henna tattoo in the photo as well.

Joli in the campsite before she started shedding her outfit.

She looked so adorable in that hat and we all pretty amazed at how long she kept it on! Hat usually get swept off and tossed as soon as she realizes they are on her head. We were also surprised at how much she liked her wings. She didn't ask for them off at all on any day. I think she wanted them on because we all had them on. Someone gave her this cute little rose temp tattoo.

Her favorite new game was "Chase Me!". She wore out her mother, two grandpas, two aunts, and me trying to keep up with her. But she was the only one who was lucky enough to get a nap. Hmmm, not true. I think I caught the two "Papa's" napping as well.

More photos tomorrow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! I love the Raven outfit and Joli's rose one.

9:53 AM  
Blogger JulieZS said...

Sooo wonderful, the costumes turned out so great, and I love the new addition to your family, she looks like she fit right in.

11:54 AM  
Blogger LeslieN said...

You were BORN to wear the Autumn Fae clothes. You shouldn't wear anything else! Just beautiful, beautiful.
-Leslie in Hiawatha

2:30 PM  

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