Thursday, September 25, 2008

Parcel and Pedestal

First, Parcel -

I found a parcel on my doorstep today. My mom sent me a bunch of surprise goodies.

A couple of cute "fake flicker" candles. I've seen the little fake tea candles, but I've never seen them as tapers. I like that they are striped and polka dotted. A pair of monkey jammies for Joli, a little felt gift bag with a Halloween image on it, a cute little witch (who's perfect for hanging above my sink with her cute little spider hanging down (see her cute little spider!?), and last but not least (in fact, it's my favorite part), an adorable shabby chic style metal soap dish. Which I NEEDED. 'Cuz, I've got a new space on my new sink and I've been thinking "Gee, I really need to get a soap dish now." This one is perfect.

Second, Pedestal -

Here's my pretty new pedestal sink. Sam installed it for us about a month ago while we were away for a weekend. (the old wall sink was cracked) Isn't it pretty?! I don't think I would have thought to pick it out of a store line-up but I'm pleasantly surprised how much I'm really liking it. It's lines are kinda "Art Deco"-ish and it also reminds me of a column which then makes me think of Atlantis and goes with the beach/ocean theme in the bath. I know, it's a stretch, but my brain is very creative. And look at the soap dish, it looks just dandy in it's new home.


Blogger catsmum said...

I had one of those 'language' moments with this post - you know the kind where we're both speaking English but my aussie brain supplies a different definition.
I was reading 'sink' and seeing the kind of thing one does the dishes in - what one has in a bathroom here would be termed a basin
I love these small semantic differences :]
and ps I luuuurrrve the little soap dish

6:17 PM  

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