Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hot Sun and Cold Zombies

Saturday was the first "summer hot" day of the season. We were all out in the front yard before we even got out of our jammies.

Hubby's typical ensemble - night cap, robe, Spongebob Squarepants sleep pants, hose, and small child.

He eventually changed into something more fitting for the day but still kept the hose and small creature, one in each hand.

Rosie loves the sun and lays in it until she becomes floppy and practically boneless.

Lisa's painted feet relaxing in the sun. Ultimately the only part of us that ended up painted red for the day. We'd planned on taking part in the zombie dance/walk, but a half dozen different factors worked against us. Fortunately the organizers are treating this like a "practice zombie day" and will be repeating it in October. Yay! By then maybe we'll actually know the dance steps!

But that didn't stop us from joining in the fun. The zombifying process took place at the local pub. Hmmmm, tastes just like chocolate!

This zombie didn't get the memo apparently - zombies are supposed to be, y'know, UGLY. She's way too cute to be a proper undead.

There was make up, there was food, there was dancing!

There was karoake. Zombie karoake. I think they were singing "I Got You Babe".

Here's a proper bunch of gnarly looking creatures.


More karoake. Notice our lead singer, holding the microphone? We sang "Monster Mash".


Joli did a solo of the traditional zombie song, "Jingle Bells".


And more dancing.

Eventually someone bumped her head and between the midday heat and nap time looming, we decided to skip the zombie walk itself and call it a day. Great fun though, and a zombie gathering to look forward to in October.


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