Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Walk Up the Hill and Some New Lawn Ornaments

I had lots to do today, most of it didn't get done. Sigh. But for good cause. I had to go to the supermarket and somehow my car drove to several thrift shops instead. I don't know how it happened. I was just driving along and, it was like the steering wheel had a life of it's own. It swerved. I felt the brakes engage. And there I was, parked in front of one shop. And then another. Spooky how that happened.

It worked out splendidly however, despite now being forced to run around in circles tomorrow screaming and trying to get everything done, because I found some awesome stuff. Photos another day. (Oh, that was mean of me, wasn't it.)

I did finally manage to make it to the supermarket. Whew.

Talking a walk was also way up on the list, as I've managed to miss several days and I could feel myself slipping into accepting one excuse after another. It almost didn't happen again today, it was really blustery out there (not fun walking weather), but it calmed down just before sunset enough for me to tromp off up the hill for a "wee walk". (William thought it was funny when I said I was going on a "wee walk".)


The sky was beautiful tonight. I took this photo because I liked the one house painted lime green amongst all the boring earth tone houses all around it. It was a lot brighter in person.
I assume the neighbors hate it, but I think it's cool.


I walked up the hill next to my house... well, it's actually the side of the mountain, but it works like a hill. Look at those gorgeous clouds. And the almost full moon. That's a small, recently built subdivision down there, not real typical of what most of the town looks like.


Looking the other direction, lower mountains, less trees on them. There was a girl's baseball team practicing down below. When I was walking by them, three deer trotted out into left field. Does that count as too many players on the field?


Use the telephoto (on my smaller camera, other wise I could have really zoomed in), you can see them here, wandered off to the neighboring soccer field. Oh, look! A fourth deer hiding out in the background.


Last but not least, do you like my lawn ornaments? Or, as Lisa calls them - gnomes. (Inside joke) I spied them at Evangeline's in Old Town Sacramento (LOVE that store!) and had to have them. Hubby thinks we should get some pink ones as well, and mix them together. Maybe. I'll have to think on that one for a bit.


Anonymous cynsheis said...

Oh wow..First off THANK YOU for the wonderful pics of your walk. How could it not be on the top of your list, what beautiful land.

Now on to the ornaments...i love, love...LOVE them!

Again thanks so much for sharing

1:16 AM  

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