Saturday, May 02, 2009

These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

Or rather, these shoes were made for travelin' - just a lame attempt to combine disparate portions of today's post, which is about these cool Sketchers I found like new at the thrift shop while I was travelin' and some of the peeps I saw while I was gallivanting about.


They looked even more brand new before I forgot to take them off before digging in the garden.

In Seattle I got to spend a short but lovely visit with the bulk of the grandkids.


Here's the newest, Nickolai, growing like a weed. He's enjoying a kid's size ice cream cone sans the ice cream.


The whole crew - Top is my daughter Noël holding Nickolai; Bottom from L to R: Lilyanna, Anastasia, Garrett, and Joshua

I met lots of new friends, and met up with some old ones along the way, didn't remember to take any photos. Harrumph.


Got to spend a lovely evening and most of the next day with son Sam and his girlfriend Ashley. They humored me and we went walking on the Sundial Bridge twice, once at night and then again the next day to walk in the botanical gardens on the other side of the river.


Sam and I mid river.


Sam and Ashley


Here's Ashley and I about to get swallowed up by a giant stick monster. Don't we look happy! Two willing virgins sacrificing themselves..... well, maybe not.

It turned out that the botanical gardens were having both a plant sale and art in the garden event on that day, so they were free. The gardens were beautiful and there was lots, lots more to see too. All our favorites were permanent fixtures in the gardens. The children's section itself was worth the walk. We'll definitely have to come back with the grandkids. I've put the photos of the gardens up at Laume's Studio. Definitely hop over to see them.


Blogger JulieZS said...

Aieeee, those shoes are AWESOME!! And Noel's kiddos are growing up so fast. I have got to go check that Sundial bridge out, thanks for reminding me.

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Barbara S. said...

I LOVE those shoes!!! The pics of the Sundial Bridge and the park were great. I'm gonna get over there one of these days.

8:37 PM  

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