Monday, May 04, 2009

Zombies and Housework

This house is protected by zombie dust bunnies.

Two topics, an unlikely pairing, but I've made it work!

Work. That's topic number one. Housework, specifically. The weather continues to keep me from working in the gardens so the obvious solution, one even I must eventually come round to seeing, is that instead of simply waiting for the cold wind and blustery rain to end, I could be using this time doing inside tasks. Sigh.

I don't really mind doing housework. Like everything in my life, it's getting the momentum going that's the biggest challenge. Once I'm started, I rather enjoy myself. I'm really looking forward to being on the other side of all this work, so I'm determined to make some serious progress today. Before the weather clears and I have an excuse to let the dust bunnies run amuck for a while longer.

I'm putting on my work clothes. Tying my hair back. Picking out some good energetic music to clean by. (I was hoping for Kan'Nal but somehow I've lost BOTH of their CD's!) Putting on a pot of water with plenty of strong, black tea standing by to sustain me. And forging ahead, sorting box and scrub rag in hand - CHARGE!!!!!

Oh, if only!

Topic number two - zombies. I've always thought it would be fun to participate in a zombie walk or dance. Communities all over have them annually, sometimes just for fun, sometimes for charity. I figured it would be something I could look into when we moved to a more metropolitan area.

Imagine my surprise when I a few weeks ago I discovered posters up in town announcing a zombie walk and dance sponsored by some students up at our local community college! A fundraiser for different college clubs and organizations, it's their first attempt at organizing it. I suspect it's going to come together last minute and unfinished, but they plan on making it a tradition, so I hope it gets better each time.

In any case, I decided to join in even though I only have a WEEK to learn the dance. Less than a week now. Ack! It's this upcoming Saturday. I'm going to do the zombie walk to raise money for the college library and then just embarrass the hell out myself trying to do the dance. William said he'd sponsor me on the walk as long as he didn't have to come watch me participate. I guess that's fair. Although I wish he'd do it too, he'd make an awesome zombie.

Hubby too won't be able to watch his undead wife prance about making a fool of herself. He has to work that day. And did I mention, he's afraid of zombies? Fortunately Lisa will be here to take some photos for me, if the whole idea doesn't just fall apart. Get it? Zombies. Fall apart.

Now groan. Like a zombie. Grhhhrrrraaaaaaggggghhhhrrrrrr!



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