Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a very, very lovely Mother's Day. I talked to my mom on the phone, and all my kids talked to me, the ones near and the ones far away.

Joli liked my new green sandals. Notice she's wearing them on the wrong feet.

The highlight of the day was attending the Mother's Day Tea event at our local tea house. It no longer has regular hours but we're thrilled it now reopens for special events.

Here's Joli all dressed and waiting to go. Doesn't she look like the perfect Sunbonnet Sue!?

Two lovely ladies in their Sunday afternoon tea dresses.

We weren't the only ones dressed up. This little girl across the restaurant had obviously borrowed her grandmother's Red Hat Society hat for the occasion.

Joli's china cup lasted through several hours of Joli drinking tea from it. I was very impressed.

Napkin rings make great.... rings.

Along with pots and pots of tea, soup and quiche, we had this fantastical tiered display of tea sandwiches and cakes.

Oops, sideways. Too lazy to fix it. It looks like a poached egg in a cup but it was really delicious (and probably NOT on my cholesterol free diet!) panna cotta with lemon curd. The nibbled cookie next to it (or, from your point of view, on top of it) is a homemade lavender shortcake, those little bits are pieces of lavender. I will have to experiment and see if I can make something similar. YUM.

Of course the main event, the tea. I love to watch the milk swirl.

We all got carnations and baby's breath on our plates. Hubby insisted on wearing his as a boutonniere.

Lisa wore hers behind her ear...

...until Joli found it and took it apart. I think it looks pretty in this tea cup too, don't you?

Joli found a pink one that stayed in one piece.

William was supposed to get the day off work to join us but he forgot. I asked if he could try to get off early to join us. He called about twenty minutes after we had arrived to tell us his boss wouldn't let him off. I was dissappointed. But really he'd rushed home to shower (smelling like fast food in a tea room woulda been a bad combo) and surprised me a few minutes later! What a nice teen son!

Me and the two kids I had home for Mother's Day. I don't look dressed up but I was, honest. I had on a skirt.

Almost done, just relaxing with one last pot of tea. We were the last people to leave.

When the tea house was open for regular business hours, hubby and I had a weekly date and most of the time we sat outside on the porch. Sometimes there would be others at the other outside table, but a lot of time we had the spot and the view to ourself. Lisa took a photo of us sitting in "our spot".

Us girls walked to the tea room. Back in the stroller, Joli is holding the flowers she gathered up from the other tables before we left.

On the way home we stopped to visit some horses, cows, and cow dogs. This cow licked her feet several times or as Joli said "kissed her feet".

Just a cute shot of Lisa with the wind in her hair.

"Are we home yet?" "Almost!"

"Will you poosh me, Unca Williyum?"


"I found a wishing flower."

"Fly little seed fay-ries - Fly!"


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