Friday, April 10, 2009

Cafe Coyote and a Stroll

We went to one of our favorite places in Olde Town San Diego. The cast of characters:

Joe and Lisa

William and Moi

Hubby (aka Papa) and Joli

Sam and Ashley

We've always sat outside, but this time we were ... well, we were still outside, but under the roof. I was facing the bar. I thought the colorful bottles were pretty.

And the motley shapes of all the taps.

This margarita drinking coyote doubled as a wall light sconce.

Afterwards we went for a walk. We saw this man sized bunny, which frightened both Ashley and Joli. Joli asked if the bunny would eat her. We assured her no, bunnies don't eat people. Lisa added that people could eat bunnies though. Joli decided she would very much like to eat a rabbit, plus, her daddy would be happy to cook one for her. Perhaps she's a Wednesday Adams in training.

Ashley's fear of oversized rabbits is a bit confusing, I thought perhaps it was the result of Frank, the cuddly bunny from Donnie Darko, but she said she'd never seen it. We assured her she'd love the movie and should watch it as soon as possible. To get over her fear of large rabbits.

I liked this window display.

Too bad the shop was closed.

We did go to our favorite shop - Miranda's. Here's part of our entourage looking at merchandise. Or just looking.... goofy.

Singing? Yawning? Yelling?


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