Monday, April 20, 2009

San Diego Gaslamp District

I've been so busy, and traveling, and busy, and traveling still. And you bloggy friends must feel so abandoned by me! I'll try to make it up to you while sitting here in the airport, and upload some more San Diego trip pics. Here's a little montage of the evening Hubby and I spent in the busy downtown Gaslamp District.

A chocolate shop next door to a margarita bar. I really don't know how you could improve on this scenario.

This was a hostel. I loved all the different colors lit up in all the windows, and the colorful flags.

More color at Horton Plaza, the big Escher style downtown mall.

And speaking of Escher, check out this cool stairwell.

I still can't quite figure out what number that's supposed to be. It was the reflection of a club flourescent sign on the pavement. The letters aren't backwards aren't backwards thought the numbers seem... upside down? Maybe it's a reflection of reflection?

Flowers for sale down below.

An entrance to something, probably the mall. Lights, traffic, people walking about. I love the energy in a big city.

Hubby has a big new friend.

What gorgeous old architecture!

The blue light in the photo kept changing - blue, then rose... purple.... green... blue again.

The lights in the fountain changed too, whenever the traffic lights or traffic itself changed.

I liked the big "O". I'll have to go see what it is someday -a bar? restaurant? club? shop?

What I was trying to take a photo of were the cool glass blown puffer fish lights. They didn't come out in focus, and they're overexposed, but I still liked the photo, there's so much too see in all the layers. And doesn't it seem like the Leaning Tower of Pisa there in the middle?

Old Mardi Gras type beads on the top of the Starbucks balcony. Don't know what sort of celebration they had at one time, but I bet they had fun!


Anonymous Barbara S. said...

Great pics!! Thanks for sharing. Gosh, I haven't been to San Diego in are so right about the energy of a city.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Belita Rose said...

I'm fairly certain it is a club. Have not been though.

12:19 AM  

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