Thursday, May 14, 2009

We are NOT Strange. Much.

Today was another lovely hanging out enjoying the family day.

Plus some more stone work.

Plus a nice two mile walk.

A great sleeper movie for movie night - Bottle Shock. Alan Rickman is always great. It takes place in the late 70's in the northern California wine country. I lived for over a decade in Sonoma in the late 70's and 80's, so it was fun to revisit that place and time.

A totally confusing season finale of Bones. Somehow I've missed a handful of episodes!

Joli was sitting on my lap and I was taking photos of her with my glass of tea. Little did I know she was quietly giving birth to her baby doll.

No, wait! It's twins!!

Joli appears to be embracing her new motherhood.

Standing on a bridge over a wee creek, I liked the Monet-ness of it. Two blue and green worlds reflecting each other.

TOTALLY a zombie tree!

What? Doesn't everyone's Hubby sleep with a faery monkey atop their head?!


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