Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Pondering on Decorating

I guess I'm not done thinking about decorating, although I'm now officially NOT decorating. Life has thrown a new adventure at me and so I've spent the last few days (and I'll spent tomorrow) getting ready to be traveling next week.

When I said, whining aside, that I was having a lovely October, I meant it. I do like holiday decorating, but I guess when all is said and done, I like holiday and seasonal activities more. I've filled my month with plenty of cooking, gardening, walking in the autumn air, visiting the pumpkin patch and a Halloween blog party. Of course football. Hubby's had a lot of time off (courtesy of the state's mandatory furlong days) and we've done a little bit of work and a little bit of play. It's been nice.

No matter that I don't take out my favorite Halloween displays, the best kind of decorating still happens without me lifting a finger, the amazing display that nature provides.

The fiery palette of the autumn leaves definitely tops the list of best decorations.

Add some warm Indian Summer afternoons,

some cold harvest moonlit nights,

some rainy patter,

some mournful winds,

gardens full of pumpkins,

a box full of apples.

You get the idea. (so the photos don't match the words exactly, they're still pretty)

Too, even if I didn't unpack a single box of Halloween decorations, my house is still decorated. I forget, because I surround myself with it all year round, that my ordinary decor makes for pretty good "Halloween" decorations. Kitchen witches fly around the sink and tea shelves. Witch dolls sit on bedroom dressers. My living room is draped in autumn colors. Jaunty crows are perched on bookshelves all over the house. Gargoyles protect our gardens both front and back and hunch down from above in many rooms inside as well. There's a pink ghoul atop a living room cabinet all the time. That knight's coat of armor up there next to him might just contain a spook, yes? Ticking clocks. A friendly skull. And let's not forget the many living, breathing, fur shedding black cats.

And that's just what I can remember off the top of my head.

Still.... sigh.... maybe next year I'll be a decorating fiend and my house will look like this! Yes?

A girl can dream.


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