Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthday Visit to Sam

It was Sam's birthday a few weeks ago but we waited to stop by for a birthday visit on our way down to San Diego this last weekend.

It was nice because we got a chance to see their house all decorated for the holidays. Sam has never had a tree before. Methinks he's all twitterpated, he and Ashley, and now he's also getting domesticated. It's a good thing.

Of course boys will be boys and they had fun trying on goofy wigs.

Also funny faces. Can't remember why. Ashley, do you remember?

When all else fails, just stick out your tongue and check the breeze.

While the boys "played" in the garage, Ashley and I went for a walk around the neighborhood to see the lights. They had some awesome displays. I'll post them later here or on the studio blog. But look, a star in the sky, a pregnant woman, animals in a manger (well, a dog on a leash) .....

Pregnant shadows lurking, sneaking up on unsuspecting men hard at work. My car CD player went out right at the beginning of a twelve hour car trip. I don't think I could have stood for that many hours worth of "All Christmas All the Time" stations or "The Best of the 80's". Yay for me Sam was able to install a new system and the trip was saved!


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