Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Al Fresco

We had some last minute shopping to take care of today. We took advantage of the warm, sunny afternoon to spend time walking around in the sunshine.

One of the important tasks on my list was to stop at the nearby Peet's Coffee to pick up a stash of vegan ginger cookies.

I also bought this tin of tea. It sounds yummy and I was tickled at the name.

I just liked this photo of Joli enjoying her peppermint hot cocoa.

And I'm amazed at how much of a baby bump Lisa is already showing! It's still amazing to me that someone related to me is inside this woman. Silly, I know, but it's pretty amazing.

I love the texture on this cactus.

Joli found a feather. She looks a bit apprehensive in this photo because she was concerned the feather might fly away again.

As if I need any more inspiration for clutter, I loved this railing full of pots.

Amusing sign I snapped while we passed by it.

Another amusing sign.

We walked by this cantina and I was pretty sure that Santa up there had had a wee bit too much holiday cheer at the bar before climbing up to the roof.

A rare photo of the photographer herself. I like how Hubby is reflected in the glass behind me. We also enjoyed lunch outside on the sidewalk, something we don't have the luxury of doing back home, particularly not in December!

Someone very much enjoyed the chocolate cupcake I bought for her!

We also spent some time outside in the dark, at an amazing neighborhood filled with holiday displays. I'll post photos for you later.


Blogger shari said...

enjoyed seeing you all enjoy yourselves! you brought a smile to my face. little joli is just beautiful!!!

10:42 AM  

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