Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Party Post - A Harvest Tea Party

Hi partygoers and old friends who are probably surprised to find a new blog entry here.  Hehehe.  Life has been busy busy busy.  So busy that I haven't had time to do any Halloween decorating this year.  I wanted to participate in Vanessa Valencia's lovely annual bloggers' party, but I couldn't even manage that.  Cancelled plans tonight gave me a few hours and I decided I could at least put up something party-ish so if I get a chance to go visiting other party bloggers, at least I'd have something fun for them if they had a chance to return the visit.

Here's the link to Vanessa's party.  

The list of participants are in her left sidebar.

I love all things Halloween and so it's making me sort of melancholy that I don't have time to drag out my Halloween decorations this year - I haven't even managed the most important bits, like my Halloween coffee and tea mugs.  Alas! Alack!

I did manage to attend a very magical Harvest Tea Party however.  In fact I was the hostess, the Faerie Queen, at Faerieworlds Harvest Festival, and we gave five tea parties to faeries, ogres, pirates, elves, trolls, and even a few humans. 


Our good friend and artist, Matt Hawk, created the beautiful moss table and shroom stools.


I think he also designed the sign, and another friend painted it.


I designed the beautiful autumn chandelier, and faery friend Willow, who you'll see later in these pics, helped put it together.



This was earlier this autumn, the leaves were just starting to turn.  I love autumn colors, they make my heart sigh and smile and sing and do cartwheels of happiness.


The tree is telling us something important.  We really need to listen more often to these leafy seers.


Here is Faery Willow with her friend, a rainbow dragon.  She's playing in the Wendy House that was on site.


On Bad Faery Day some other visitors arrived early for the party, like this rather slender gentlemen who said he's need a few extra napkins as he frequently tended to spill his tea.  A crow or two.  CAW CAW!  Actually I think he was yelling CRUMBS! CRUMBS!


And this shy black owl who turned his head (all the way around!!!) and ignored me whenever I asked if he'd like anything to eat.  Can you see the leaf saucers that I made, beneath the cups?  I was rather happy with them.


Mr. Rat came but later decided he'd rather go help make the tea and scurried off to the kitchen.  I think he wanted first dibs on the goodies.

When the guests arrived, chaos and silliness reigned and there was not a smidgen of time left for photo taking, so I'm beholden to several friends who managed to snap some pics of the festivities.  I'm borrowing their photos here to share with all of you.  (Thank you to Mish and Anita)



No, we're not all doing "the Egyptian".  We're all singing "I'm a Little Tea Pot". 

I hope you enjoyed this little seasonal party.  If I can keep the momentum going, I'll come back and add more Festival photos in the next week.

There are big changes afoot in our lives and I've been meaning to post more so I can journal the process.

If you've come from the party, I know you must be off.  Thanks for stopping by.  I'll be hopping on my broom and trying to squeeze in some visiting this weekend as well, in between travel, grandkids, and a college football game.  Life is full.